Motorcycle Insurance in the Philippines

If we are blessed to be able to buy our own motorcycle, it is best to make sure that our hard earned purchase is taken care of. This is where motorcycle insurance comes in. In the event that you or your motorcycle gets into an accident or get’s stolen, insurance will play an important role in covering the costs related to the accident or theft. Other people say that they don’t need it but I am a firm believer that something as expensive as a motorcycle should be covered by insurance.

In the Philippines, there aren’t much companies that provide motorcycle insurance but I am glad to have come across Big Bike Tech (211 Katipunan Ave QC). Big Bike Tech is a motorcycle accessory dealer but they are also an accredited agent of Standard Insurance. I just had to give the Big Bike Tech guys my motorcycle’s information and got a quote within one hour! As soon as payment is made, the insurance policy was activated within 24 hours.