PTT Challenger 4T 10W40 Motorcycle Oil

Fully Synthetic Motorcycle Oil of Big Bikes by PTT of Thailand

I have been travelling for quite some time and among the countries that I have visited, Thailand is ranked high in my favorite country to visit list. I have been to Thailand over 15 times and have learned a lot about their culture and business practices. In one of my trips to Thailand, I got a rent-a-car which meant that I had to put in gas in it. This was when I had my first encounter with a gas company called PTT. The experience I had with PTT was different compared to the gas stations we have in the Philippines. The PTT gas station is really clean. They have different types of gas to choose from and the service was wonderful.

Back in the Philippines, I was pleasantly surprised to see a PTT gas station near my home. It was also the right time for me to drop by since I had to get some oil for my motorcycle. I got four (4) bottles of their fully synthetic oil which was called the Challenger 4T 10W40. They have quite a variety of motorcycle oil in the market from mineral to semi-synthetic to the fully synthetic variants. My review for the PTT Challenger 4T motorcycle is that, I can say is that it on the same level as other European motorcycle oil brands but the best part about switching to PTT oil is that, it’s a lot cheaper. The PTT Challenger 4T Motorcycle Oil that I got was priced at 380 Pesos per Liter at Big Bike Tech (211 Katipunan Ave. QC). Not bad right?

I suggest you give it a try.

I also found out that you can also buy PTT Motorcycle Oil online through PTT’s store in Shopee Philippines (