Rider Essentials

We made a list of gear that every rider should have to ensure his or her safety in the unfortunate event of a crash. Hope this list will keep you safe!

  1. Helmet – The most important gear for every rider. Please don’t skimp on your helmet and make sure that it is from reputable manufacturers like KLiM, IXS, or Vozz – these are top helmet brands that are available in the Philippines.


2.  Riding Jacket – Used for protecting your upper body, riding jackets are there to protect your upper body. Riding jackets usually have shoulder, arms, and elbow pads. Make sure that you also get a back and chest protector with your jacket. Some brands we can name that make really good riding jackets are: Knox, KLiM, and IXS.


3. Riding Pants – These are trousers that come with body armor. There are different types of riding pants such as jeans, leather, and textile. Most riding pants come with knee and leg pads. There are some that also come with hip protectors. Choose wisely. Riding pants brands that are available in the Philippines are: Knox, KLiM, and IXS.



4. Boots – You don’t just use any ordinary footwear when riding a motorcycle. That’s why riding boots were invented. Riding boots provide additional support for your feet,  especially in the ankle area, in the event of a crash. Some riding boots also have sliders on them.  There are also different riding boots depending on your use. Some boots are used for street, the track, or even off-road. One really good brand from Switzerland that is available in the Philippines is called IXS.  IXS also has racers competing in MotoGP which says a lot about the quality of their products and workmanship.


5. Gloves – If you have something to protect your feet, you should also have something to protect your hands. Make sure that the gloves you use are comfortable and can provide more that adequate protection in the event of a crash. One of our favorite glove is from Knox. The gloves by Knox provide so much protection for the rider that it is one of the highly rated gloves in the world in terms of functionality, protection and comfort. Some top brands for riding gloves in the Philippines are Knox, KLiM, Barracuda and IXS.


For the best source of riding gear in the Philippines, please visit the Big Bike Tech website. So far, they are the only shop that I’ve seen that have the best quality products and really excellent customer service.